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Manage Your Mobile Lines

Our design effort overcame tight timelines and limited research options to help Spectrum Mobile's customer base grow by 51%.


My Challenge

  • We had no centralized design team. I was an isolated designer on my team. 

  • We had a 6-month timeline.

Overcoming Through Collaboration

  • I created a new informal team to work together.

  • We saved lots of time by deciding which requirements belonged on whose pages and tried to align our designs for consistency.



  • Worked with Product and Business to ID existing functionality.

  • Studied the current journey.

  • Studied the competition.

  • Gathered existing data and research.

  • Got to know the team.

  • Understood dev constraints.


Problem Statements

  • Customers needed a centralized way to manage their mobile lines, to save frustration and time.

  • The business required parity with existing features.

  • The business also needed this functionality delivered in record time because mobile was their fastest growing business and held huge potential profit.


Concept Iteration

  • Created a concept and iterated with the design team on it.

  • Aligned functionality with the dev team.

  • Conducted user research with our research partners. Improved concepts from results.

  • Overcame research constraints by applying standards and heuristics and by validating with SMEs, devs, product owners, business owners and executives.

  • Created info hierarchy with our content designer.


Final Solution

  • Provided high-fi screens for all the use cases to development.

  • The same design worked for both our app and our responsive web portal.

  • Delivered fast by using less documentation and by building shared understanding.



  • Our team met the tight deadline! (Not many teams did.) The feature launched Summer 2022.

  • Charter now has 5.9 million customers paying for Spectrum Mobile, an annual increase of 51.8 percent. (April 2022-April 2023).*

  • Spectrum customers are successfully using these screens to manage their lines today.

  • I had a hand in making the case for consistency and a centralized design team, which the business then prioritized and implemented. 


*Statistics from"The Desk"

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