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Home Page Messaging

The power to change the home page was shared by too many stakeholders. No one group could make a big enough change.

Competing for User Attention

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Business Problem ​

Siloed business verticals needed a neutral way to manage and prioritize competing needs for messaging, so that each part of the business could achieve their goals.

Customer Problem 

Customers logging into our self-service portal needed an organized and efficient way to be informed of, and/or act upon prioritized messages, so they could effectively manage their account.

Design Team Problem 

Siloed feature team designers needed to collaborate, so that we could design a unified experience across the customer self-service portal including the home page.

Home Page Current State - Messaging is Scattered & Disorganized
  • The hierarchy and importance of information isn't clear.
  • Research indicates that key messaging is overlooked.
  • User actions aren't clear.
A visual showing the home page with too much messaging

Workshop to Solve the Problem

  • I took the initiative to organize and drive this project in addition to my regular workload.
  • I used my company connections to plan a workshop. I believed that if we understood the problem together we could solve it.

  • I brought siloed designers together with data partners, researchers and content designers to plan the workshop.


Workshop Agenda & Goals

  • Understand existing research

  • Understand existing data

  • Align on terminology (ex. message vs. notification)

  • Align on the problem

  • Study competitors

  • Generate creative ideas with 2 rounds of affinity mapping

Who Came

  • Dir. of Data Science

  • Sr. Dir. and the VP of Digital Service and CX

  • Sr. Dir. and Sr. Mgr. of Buyflow and Notifications

  • Sr. Dir. of Digital Marketing and Owned Media

  • Sr. Dir. Self-Service Platforms

  • Dir of Digital Marketing, SEO and CX

  • VP Digital Self-Service

  • Research partners

  • Design team collaborators

  • Data analytics presenter

We Shared Research and Data

The Workshop Generated Great Ideas


The Result was Buy-in!

  • Through the workshop, we got buy-in from leaders to prioritize the work.

  • Executives remembered and enjoyed the workshop. One said: "Usually a day-long meeting is boring, but this one was fun!"

  • All the messaging work got taken up into a larger business initiative, to redesign the whole site, which is ongoing today. 

  • I gained more influence in the company and was given the privilege to be a Principal Designer on Spectrum Mobile, their fastest growing business initiative.

  • I was given opportunities to lead and mentor younger designers.

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