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Payments and Banking

With top-notch content designers, a world-class design system, talented managers and great design feedback from colleagues, these projects were some of the most fun I've had in my career...yeah, even in payments and banking!

Digital Wallet

Debit Card Management

Problem Statements

  • Customers needed a visual hierarchy of information to comprehend what was most important to successfully manage their card.

  • Customers needed the option for several people in a business to use the cards.

  • The company needed to feature cash back and other card perks so they could expand their customer base and encourage customers to make choices that were good for them and the business.

  • Customers needed to find help if they had questions.

My Role

  • I worked on the end-to-end experience with a visual designer, content writer and manager.

  • I organized, categorized and prioritized information and created a prototype to test comprehension and usability.

  • I supported the project through to launch and provided the screens for all the use cases.


  • The business Debit MasterCard has seen growth year over year, and is continuing to make money for the company today.

  • It was and is successful enough to be offered internationally



Redesign - Responsive Web


Instant Add Bank

This project is an oldie, but the cool thing about it was that PayPal had never done anything like this before. 

  • We used logos for the first time. We used Cialdini's Principles of Persuasion to get leadership buy-in.

  • It was the first time users could instantly add a bank account without waiting 2-3 days for mobile deposit verification. It allowed for skipping the extra steps of finding their routing and account numbers.

My Role

  • I designed the end-to-end experience with a visual designer, content writer and manager input.


  • Very soon after we launched this, it was polished and added into PayPal's visual design framework by another designer. It's still in use with a newer look, and has contributed millions to PayPal's bottom line.

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