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Complex Applications

For several years at Spectrum, I worked on the nerdy-smart Internal Apps team. They could untangle the toughest problems while shooting squirrel guns and playing board games. Man, I love them...

1. Customer Agent Journeys

Problem Statement

  • Our customer service agents needed a single, organized and efficient platform to serve call-in customers, so that call-in times and agent turnover could be reduced. The current experience involved many internal systems that weren't working in coordination.

My Role

  • I synthesized six months of research data generated from a team of researchers who observed our agent billing experience across the USA. I created journey visualizations to describe our current state. I collaborated with one other designer on this project.


  • One goal of the presentation was get executive buy-in to prioritize improving our abysmal agent experience.

  • Another goal was to inform future design direction by showing pain points and problems to address.


  • The business saw the need in detail and prioritized building a new platform that is rolling out iteratively.

  • Agent satisfaction and retention has improved.

  • Time on call has been reduced as a result of the platform improvements.

Two of 13 Journeys

2. A/B Testing Application 

The company wanted an internal tool to run A/B testing on our customer portal so they could quantify how various customer experiences impacted metrics and therefore improve their decision-making.

Original Design


  • Because of the connections I made between the design systems team and the developers on my team, the tool became a flagship app for the React pattern library and a React Plus initiative.

  • As the app matured, it became widely used across the company to make business decisions.

  • Our Dir. of Software Engineering said:
    “I had the benefit of working with Heather for 6 months on Charter's AB testing product, where Heather applied her outstanding skills converting customers needs/wants into highly effective UX processes and designs. In my 20 years of experience in the software industry, Heather is one of the best UX resources I have had the chance to work with and any company/project would be lucky to have her as a team member.”

My Role

  • Improved consistency of labeling and content to clarify complex info and provide better comprehension of place and task.

  • Promoted the use of our company-wide design system and facilitated personal connections.

  • Designed new information architecture and navigation.

  • Advocated for a new logo which was implemented.

  • Improved extensibility to handle new features such as dev environments.

  • Applied evidence-based usability best practices and proven heuristics.

  • Collaborated with another designer who provided visual design and logo work and a content writer.

  • Collaborated with development team, stakeholders and product owners.

  • Conducted usability testing.

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